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One Account Fee Schedule

The OneAccount is a checking account provided by the PSU OneCard vendor, Higher One. As a student, this checking account is offered with no minimum balance requirements and no monthly service charges. If you've chosen to open the OneAccount checking account, your PSU OneCard can be used to make credit purchases at any location worldwide where MasterCard is taken. Additionally, you have access to cash withdrawals from Higher One ATMs on campus. You can also use any non-Higher One ATM for a PIN based checking withdrawal, but be aware that fees apply.

All deposits are subject to Higher One's funds availability policy.

Did you know you can write checks against the OneAccount? Since the OneAccount is a checking account, you have the option to order checks and use them in locations where credit based transactions aren't eligible. In this manner, you can use the OneAccount checking account to pay rent, utilities, or shop in locations which do not accept credit-based purchases. For more information on ordering checks, log into , select CUSTOMER SERVICE, and select ORDER CHECKS. Remember that this is a checking account, and you may only spend funds available in your account.

The OneAccount checking account provides an online statement which shows all transactions processed and pending for the current statement cycle. You can even quickly retrieve past statement cycles for the past twelve-month period using a simple drop-down menu. To view your Online Statement, log into , select ONEACCOUNT, and select ONEACCOUNT STATEMENT.

There are usual and customary fees associated with the OneAccount checking account:

  • If you open a OneAccount checking account, you may only spend money available in your account. If you process a transaction that exceeds the amount you have available, you will be charged a $32.00 overdraft fee. Remember that this is a checking account. An unresolved overdraft situation may result in reporting to the ChexSystem and negatively affecting your credit.
  • If you use an ATM machine that is not a Higher One designated ATM machine, you will be assessed a fee by that specific institution in addition to a $1.50 per transaction fee charged by Higher One.

You can view the most up to date fee schedule online by logging in to your account at, clicking on Help from the top menu bar, then clicking on Disclosures and OneAccount fees.

Cardholders who use the OneAccount checking account are also eligible for Rewards through the OneRewards program. When shopping at participating merchants and paying using your OneAccount checking account as a credit-based purchase, you begin accumulating Reward Points, these points can be redeemed online for various merchandise! To see the list of OneReward Merchants, visit the OneRewards Information.

If you have questions about your OneAccount checking account balance or transactions, Higher One customer service is available toll free Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern at 877-PSU-PSU1 (877-778-7781). Additionally, PSU OneCard Services can provide advice and assistance Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm .