FYE 2020 Weekly Reminders

Karl Miller Center
Karl Miller Center


This week's FYE deadlines

June 22:  All POs for Goods received by 6/30 must be approved in Banner by Noon

Next Week is a short week but lots to do!

  • Cash Close Tuesday 6/30
  • Cashiers (ID Services) are OPEN Monday, 6/29 from 12pm-2pm AND Tuesday, 6/30 from 11am- 1pm
  • PCARD Distribution in Banner by NOON Tuesday, 6/30
  • Final Cash Close Tuesday, 6/30 at 3PM    BANNER IS LOCKED!

Good News! Updated FYE Deadlines after Cash Close

Period 12 Close 
Monday, July 20

Period 14 Close 
Wednesday, July 29


There are cognos reports available to staff that identify account anomolies that should be addressed before year-end.  Items like credit balances in expense accounts or debit balances in liability accounts.  Some reports we recommend running are below.

  • No balance change in Balance Sheet Accounts (non-cash)
  • No Change in Cash Balance
  • Opposite Balances for Balance Sheet
  • Opposite balances for Income Statement

Goods and Services

For  goods and services to be included in FY20, the goods must be delivered or services provided by June 30.

Viking Pro

Beginning July 1st, all Personal Reimbursement forms must be separated by fiscal year.  For example, departments should enter one form for all "Receipt" dates June 30 and prior and a different form for all  "Receipt" dates in July.   We have programmed OnBase and Banner to automatically choose the correct fiscal year for expenses when fed from OnBase to Banner so the only manual process comes with departments making sure for all FY20 PRs, there are no July dates on that form and for all PRs that have July dates, there are no FY20 expenses on that particular form.