FYE 2020 Weekly Reminders

Account Payable


Campus Accounting Services announces this week's FYE deadlines.

June 10:  Last day for employment changes, Letters of Offers, EPAFs, FY20 Labor Distributions 
June 10:  May leave report
June 12:  PCard for FY20 expense
June 16:  Electronic approval of June hourly time sheets
June 18:  Foundation check requests by 5pm for payments to be made prior to Close.  All payments via EFT.
June 19:  Wire Transfer deadline
June 22:  All POs for Goods and Services received by 6/30, processed/approved/posted in Banner by NOON.

Please contact your Vendors!

We will continue to send out letters to vendors but please have your vendors email their invoices to you for processing with FY20 expenses. 

Viking Travel

If you have any travel reimbursements for past trips in Viking Travel that still need approval, please approve as soon as you can.


When paying the very last regular pay invoice on a Purchase Order, place the letter "F" in the "Final Payment Indicator" field (commodity information page of the regular pay invoice in Banner) to close out the Purchase Order and liquidate the encumbrance. If the field was marked as final payment by mistake, just pay any remaining invoices that should have gone against the encumbrance as a direct pay, and reference the PO# in FOATEXT.  


Use Prepaid Program Code if you purchase subscriptions, memberships, licenses, conference registrations that are dated July forward. 

Exceptions: Expenses charged to Foundation, restricted gifts and GRANTS should not be coded to prepaid program codes (Funds 2xxxxx-4xxxxx)

Prepaid code was = Change To

0xxxx for Instruction = 99602 for Instruction Prepaid
1xxxx for Research = 99620 for Research Prepaid
2xxxx for Public Service = 99630 for Public Service Prepaid
3xxxx for Academic Support = 99640 for Academic Support Prepaid
4xxxx for Student Services = 99650 for Student Services Prepaid
5xxxx for Physical Plant = 99660 for Physical Plant Prepaid
6xxxx for Instutional Support = 99670 for Instutional Support Prepaid

July will be Open early this week!


Amidst year end preparations for FYE close, expectations are that Cashiers will remain closed through Summer term.  Deposits or checks can be dropped off at ID Services on Monday and Wednesday from 12-2. Cashiers will add an additional time from 11-1 on Tuesday June 30th to accept any last minute transactions. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to them at cashiers@pdx.edu and they will get back to you.

PCard Note for all PCard Custodians

Please make sure all purchases for memberships, subscriptions, and conference registrations for FY21 expenses get a prepaid program code!  Double check all these expenses put on your pcard and if you hadn't assigned a prepaid program code upon distribution in Banner, please prepare a JV to move to a prepaid program code.  Thank you so much for helping us with this!