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Accounts Payable Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why has a check not been generated for my invoice?
Look in FOIDOCH (Document History) and determine the payment status.  If the Invoice status shows “C”
(complete) determine in FOAUAPP (Approval History) who still needs to approve.  If the Invoice status shows
“A” (approved) the payment will processed in the next ACH/check run.

2. When will my check be issued?
Checks are cut each Wednesday of the month.  ACH (bank transfers) are processed every day.

3. What accounts code should I use?
Use the current Frequently Used Account Code list to determine correct account code.  See
or OUS FASOM Operating Manual which provides brief
descriptions of the account codes.

4. How do I disapprove an invoice?
The inputter can disapprove their invoices, journal vouchers and Purchase Orders by using FOADOCU
(Document by User).

5. Should this invoice be on a Personal Service Contract (PSC) and do I send them directly to Accounts Payable?
Contact Louis Rodge, or Stacey Balenger, PSC Contract Officers. (5-5044 or  5-5244)   Personal Service Contract invoices need to be sent directly to Contracts.  Contact
Research and Strategic Partnerships if the PSC’s are on grant index codes.

6. How do I pay for a credit?
First, determine if the credit belongs to the department by using FAIVNDH (Vendor History) and locate the
original Banner invoice payment.  The original index code and account code should be used when inputting the
credit into Banner.  Click on the credit memo box in FAAINVE (Invoice/Credit Memo Creation).  Go into
FOATEXT and enter the original Banner invoice number.

7. How do I pay for multiple invoices from the same vendor?
Input separately into Banner or use the “Multiple” option in FAAINVE (Invoice/Credit Memo Creation). 
Staple the multiple invoices together after completion and forward to SAS for approval.  Any questions, please
contact Laura Parras, FIS Trainer (

8. Who do I contact to update a vendor’s address or add a new vendor to Banner?
Contact with the updated address. If a new vendor needs to be entered into Banner, have the
vendor complete a PSU Substitute W9 form and send to 503-725-3400. A copy of the form can be found on the
Financial Services website at: PSU Substitute W-9/ ACH (Direct Deposit) Form


9. Does PSU pay late fee charges?
Contact the vendor first to determine if the late fee will be waived upon prompt payment of outstanding invoice. 
The State of Oregon provides 45 days from the date the invoice is received before the invoice is considered to
be late.  Then the late fee calculations are 2/3 of 1% per month or 8% per year.  The account code 28911 is

10. Which process provides a quicker turn-around time on reimbursement: the Cash Paid Out Form or the Personal Reimbursement Form?
The Cash Paid Out form is faster as the Cashiers will provide cash upon
receipt and approval of the form. However, there are some restrictions: The reimbursement must be under $60
and cannot be expenses for food, hosting, travel or on grant index codes. The Personal Reimbursement form can
take up to 2 weeks after Accounts Payable has received it for processing, inputting and approval. In addition, if
the individual is not signed up for direct deposit, this can also delay the process because checks are cut once a
week on Wednesdays.

11. The vendor has called and stated that the check or ACH has not yet been received.  When can a new check or ACH be issued?
Look on FOIDOCH (Document History) and determine if the check has been cashed.  The status code will be
“F”.  If the check has been cashed contact the vendor with this information.  If the check has not been cashed
within 30 days of the check issuance date, the department prepares a Lost Check Affidavit form and sends the
form to the vendor for signature.  When the form is returned, the department inputs a new invoice into Banner
and forwards the signed form with the new Banner invoice number to Specialized Accounting Services -SAS). 

12. How do I remove an invoice from Banner?
If the invoice is showing incomplete in Banner, go back into FAAINVE (Invoice/Credit Memo Form) and bring
up the specific Banner invoice number and place the cursor on the invoice date.  Use the SHIFT F6 function
twice and acknowledge the Banner screen and the invoice will be removed.

13. Who should be signing personal reimbursement forms in my department?
Forms should be signed by the Claimant and by the Department Authorized Signer. A copy of authorized
signers should be in the department to refer back to. If you are unsure of who your department’s authorized
signers are, please contact If changes need to take place for the authorized signers, a new form
will need to be completed. Forms can be found at:

14. When I am entering an invoice into Banner which address should I select?
All vendor payments must have a VP address selected within the invoice. It cannot have a VO or CU address
selected. If you do not see a VP address in Banner that matches where the payment should be remitted to, please

15. If I have hosting expenses what do I need to do to ensure a payment is issued to cover the expenses?
Hosting must be within the hosting rate limits per person: $10/Breakfast, $15/Lunch and $30/Dinner. These
figures include up to a 15% tip. Alcohol expenses will not be reimbursed. In addition, an agenda, a list of
attendees, and an itemized original receipt must be attached