Summer Term Financial Aid

Summer term is the last term in the academic year at Portland State University. Whether you’re just starting, continuing, or finishing your degree, you must have a 2017/2018 FAFSA on file at PSU or complete the 2017/2018 FAFSA by June 30th 2018 to receive summer term financial aid. 

Many students receive their full, annual financial aid over the course of the standard academic year (fall, winter and spring terms) and most financial aid programs are only available during the standard school year so aid during summer term is limited.

Apply For Aid Summer Term

  • Make sure you have completed the 2017/2018 FAFSA: Check your PSU account > Financial Aid Tab > Outstanding Requirements
  • Check to see if summer term 2018 is already included in your financial aid award: > Financial Aid Tab > Award Information > Award Overview
  • If summer is not included in your financial aid award: request your eligibility to be reviewed by submitting a Revision Request online to update your expected summer term enrollment plan
  • Follow up to make sure you are eligible for summer financial aid before you begin classes: > Financial Aid Tab > Award Information > Award Overview

If you would like to meet with a financial aid counselor to discuss your summer term aid eligibility, schedule an appointment:

Receiving Aid Summer Term

Registration | Summer registration opens May 7 |

Financial Aid | Summer Financial Aid begins disbursing to the PSU Student Accounts Office for processing on June 15 (even if your classes begin later in the summer)

Student Accounts | View your tuition bill which is due on July 6, sign up or manage your payment plan, or select your refund preference:

Maintaining Eligibility for Aid Summer Term

Summer term classes are not like other terms because you can take summer classes one after the other in a sequence like this:

Because summer term classes can be taken in a sequence, if you receive aid and then do not attend and complete all your summer courses, you may be required to pay back a portion of your financial aid.

To avoid the requirement to pay back a portion of your summer financial aid, be sure your class schedule is finalized before summer term begins and complete all the classes you enroll in.