Next Stop Summer Term 2008!
Author: Office of Student Financial Aid
Posted: April 7, 2008

Summer term is the last term at Portland State University and because the Office of Student Financial Aid processes regular financial aid awards during the year as Fall/Winter/Spring, Summer term is then added onto student awards only for students who will be attending. For students beginning Summer term, this term is connected to the 2007/08 FAFSA so make sure you complete the 07/08 FAFSA for Summer and also the 0809 FAFSA to continue on with Fall term 2008. Students who are beginning Summer term and who have completed the 0708 FAFSA do not need to complete an electronic Summer Term Request form.

How do students request Summer term to be added to their award?

Beginning April 28, 2008, the PSU Office of Financial Aid will make the electronic Summer term request form available. Students can complete this form online and submit it to our office. It's that easy! On this form, students will be asked what their enrollment will be (full time - three quarter time - half time) as well as if they want to use Federal Stafford Loans for their summer term. Keep in mind that if students have any federal grant funds left to use, these will automatically be awarded before loans when the financial aid office adds Summer term to the student's award.

Things to keep in mind:

If students have previously (during Fall/Winter/Spring) received their full yearly amount of their financial aid grants and loans, no aid will be offered for Summer term.

If students have not previously received Stafford loans at PSU, they will need to choose a lender and sign a Master Promissory Note online once their loans are sent to their lender.

For more information on how Summer term financial aid works at Portland State University, Visit the Summer Term page.