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Visit Lincoln Hall
Visit Lincoln Hall

Formerly Lincoln High School, PSU's Lincoln Hall was the first building the University occupied when it moved to the South Park Blocks in 1953. Lincoln Hall is now the lively center of campus performing arts, housing the Schools of Music, and Theatre + Film, including Lincoln Recital Hall on the basement level, Lincoln Performance Hall which seats 475 and Lincoln Studio Theater on the first floor level, as well as studios, labs and practice rooms.


Constructed in 1911, Lincoln Hall was originally Portland School District's Lincoln High School. The architectural firm Whitehouse & Fouilhoux designed Lincoln in a classical revival style with high Corinthian columns around the South Park Blocks entry, balcony projections and Broadway false relief panels. Lincoln became PSU's first classroom building when the University moved to the South Blocks in 1953. In 1975, the auditorium was renovated and the stage was expanded on the Broadway side, to create the present Lincoln Performance Hall. In 2010, upon completion of a two-year, $30 M renovation, Lincoln Hall was returned to service, having become PSU's first LEED Platinum Award building.

What's Inside?

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1620 SW Park Avenue
Portland OR 97201
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