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Meet Jennifer McLean
Meet Jennifer McLean

Payroll Operations Manager

Jennifer McLean is the Payroll Manager for Portland State University.  In her current role, Jennifer manages the day to day payroll operations, payroll training, campus communications and process improvement projects. Once a month she is the main “Banner Wrangler” as she and the payroll team close out the monthly payroll which pays all of the campus community.  Personal Motto: “Payday should never be a surprise!”

Life before PSU included 18 years at Kelly Temporary Services, where she spent nine years recruiting and staffing employees until she was recruited as the payroll supervisor for the Portland Region.  

Jennifer attended Western Oregon State University where she earned Bachelor degrees in History and Secondary Education.  She is currently enrolled in Portland State’s Master’s program in Global Supply Chain Management.

When she’s not working or studying, Jennifer is walking her two huskies, quilting, or tie-dying in the back yard.