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J. Bills
J. Bills
LH 313C

John-Michael "J" Bills is a filmmaker and graphic designer who began his pursuit of visual effects and film first as a broadcast Graphic Designer for network TV affiliates in Kansas City, near his hometown.  Trading KC for New York City in 2000, Bills made the rounds as a freelance Compositor and 2D Supervisor, eventually landing at artist collective Psyop by day while teaching compositing & VFX at the School of Visual Arts by night.  2003 marked Bills' first feature film work, finding a home at Peter Jackson's Oscar winning effects unit Weta Digital, working on the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Several films with Weta followed (King Kong, Avatar, X-Men 3, Iron Man 3, Man of Steel) before he and his family chose Portland as a finish line.  After working on local film productions with Laika and Gus Van Sant (Coraline, Virginia, and ParaNorman), Bills has recently co-founded a VFX shop called "The Refuge" with partner and collaborator Fred Ruff, working on projects like creatures for NBC's Grimm.  In what little spare time is left over, Bills enjoys photography and working on an electric car conversion in the garage.