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David Denny
David Denny

Office: LH 143D

David Denny was recently an Associate Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at Marylhurst University. He received his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Binghamton University, NY. He teaches and does research on the intersection of philosophy, psychoanalysis, film and politics. He has published “Signifying Grace: On Dogville in The International Journal of Žižek Studies, “The Politics of Enjoyment: The Hurt Locker” in Theory and Event, and “Melancholia: An Alternative to the End of the World” in the collected volume Cinematic Cuts (2016). He co-edited Lars von Trier’s Women, (Bloomsbury press, 2016). His essay for this volume is on the film Antichrist(2009) and is called “A Postmodern Family Romance.” He has a publication coming out this Fall in intertexts entitled “The Act of Killing: From a fever dream to the Dream-work,” and has a co-edited book on the documentary filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer coming out next year with Bloomsbury press.