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Amy Lubitow
Amy Lubitow

Supporting equity in transportation planning using data

Getting more people cycling is a high-priority goal for many cities, and interventions are on the rise in bike-friendly places to accommodate and welcome more people to travel on two wheels.

The reality is, according to sociology professor Amy Lubitow’s research, women and people of color in Portland face a range of barriers that create negative experiences for them when on a bicycle and pose greater challenges for them to ride.

Lubitow identified these barriers by conducting in-depth interviews, and her findings suggest there are social, environmental, physical, and institutional issues to acknowledge when planning, developing, or promoting efforts to grow ridership.

Her work also involves exploring future directions for Portland’s Green Loop, a six-mile bike and pedestrian path that would link people outside the central city to its attractions and make them more accessible and enjoyable for those traveling via non-motorized modes.

Through research and community engagement, Lubitow and her colleagues are raising key issues to re-examine planning for public spaces and how we prioritize the needs of marginalized groups.