Phytophilia and Other Short Films with Original Score

Friday, March 12, 2021 - 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Cost / Admission
Free - Donations Welcome

Christi Denton:

Phytophilia and other short films with original score


PSU School of Music Advanced Laptop Ensemble
Interbay Cinema Society and Northwest Film Forum
PSU School of Music Laptop Ensemble
PSU School of Film

Live at Holocene

Portland State University's Sonic Arts and Music Production's Advanced Laptop Ensemble presents Phytophilia, created in collaboration with Interbay Cinema Society and Northwest Film Forum as well as salient works focused on the personal output of advanced Laptop Ensemble members. In addition, individual filmmakers from PSU’s School of Film partnered with members of the PSU laptop ensembles to create original scores for their short films. Both PSU laptop ensembles are tied together within the collaborative work of Exquisite Corpse (cadavre exquis), an experimental work showcasing diverse personal styles informing the artists within, hybridized together in a surreal voyage of sonic grandeur.

The Advanced Laptop Ensemble is a unique ensemble experience, one that encourages each student to explore intricate production and collaborative techniques with other dedicated artists. The curriculum is centered around artistic collaboration and creative leadership. Rather than specific rubrics and strict guidelines, Advanced Laptop Ensemble pushes students not only to develop their own ideas and concepts—but to deliver upon those concepts in creative and experimental means. The class culminates with a multimedia showcase of student pieces, allowing each student/collaborative group an opportunity for formal performance experience.

Phytophilia is a collaborative film using digital scans of 16mm film sequences created using the phytography technique: plant materials soaked in developer are exposed on raw film stock and fixed. After a workshop taught by phytography inventor Karel Doing, 16mm filmmakers created these sequences. Film scan by Sam Atkinson at Lightpress. Workshop co-sponsored by Interbay Cinema Society and Northwest Film Forum.

Donations encouraged and appreciated, with all donations split between Holocene (@holoceneportland) staff and Outside the Frame (@otfpdx), a non-profit Training homeless & marginalized youth to be the directors of their own films and lives.

You can make a donation at the Eventbrite link in advance, or during the stream on one of the following channels:
Venmo: @holoceneportland
Cash App: $holoceneportland

Advanced Laptop Ensemble Members:
Aaron Bergeson
Juliana Bigelow
Cameron Gates
Ashley Kahl-Placek
Selena Li
Isabel Olds
Cole Ottum
Daniel Shinseki
Nathaniel Alexander

School of Film Students
Ruby Mullen
Stephanie Arndt
Samuel Kidoguchi
Sierrah Bettin
Jazmine Ortiz
Jasmin Vazquez
Dustin Golden-Collum
Sage Maniscalco-Wickham
Greyfaen Eastland
Lindsey McCallum
Gianna Basile

Phytophilia Filmmakers
Anjali Sundaram
Brian Darr
Caryn Cline
Chris Day
Devon Damonte
Ellie Kozlowski
Jonah Kozlowski
Kathleen Quillian
Kerry Laitala
Michelle Mellor
Pam Minty
Paul Siple
Peter Randlette
Rana San
Ruth Hayes

Laptop Ensemble Members
Alexander Abrazaldo
Dan Barone
Hopper Canty
Roberto Carrasco
Victor Ceja
Tanen Friedman
Shelby Harvey
Nickalus Heinze
Michael Hoerner
Erik Jarlstrom
Joshua Le
Max Longshore
Jess Moore
Gethin Myers
Gwen Nicely
Kyle Rodgers
Alexia Rouzaud
Spencer Schillinger
Morgan Snyder
Uba Uba

PSU’s Laptop Ensembles are directed by Christi Denton. PSU Film students worked with Professor Pam Minty

Photo: Paul Siple

Laptop Ensemble and School of Film Image

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