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Fellowships for Graduate Students

Fellowships are a great means of financial support for graduate students because they consider merit either exclusively or in addition to financial need and often are awarded without any obligation to engage in teaching or university-driven research.

Please use this flowchart (PDF or PowerPoint) to find out which fellowships you might consider applying for. You can explore more in-depth information on the individual fellowships/scholarships through the menu to your left.

You can request to receive more information about these awards by filling out our fellowships inquiry form.

A number of these national fellowships require applicants to apply through their colleges or universities. Prospective applicants should read individual fellowship descriptions carefully as requirements vary. Serious students review the website thoroughly, commit significant time for preparation, utilize campus resources, and attend information sessions.

In addition, other external (non-PSU) fellowships for graduate students are listed under "Other Opportunities."