PDXTalks 2019

PDXTalks 2017

When was the last time you heard someone tell a story that made you think? Or moved you to action? Or left you in tears and laughter? That's the idea behind PDXTalks, an annual event to showcase PSU's fearless faculty and alumni.

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Jeff Schnabel

Jeff Schnabel, director of PSU’s School of Architecture, thinks we’d better start designing cities for their increasingly 24 hour, 7 day a week futures. As one of the founders of the annual Portland Winter Light Festival, he wants all city dwellers — architects, planners, politicians, academics — to plan creative and usable public spaces that are accessible all times of day and night. 



Blake Turner

Blake Turner, a junior mechanical engineering student in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, believes you shouldn’t have to buy an expensive new Tesla to have a car that runs emissions free. He sees a future where cars will burn clean hydrogen and he created a $5000 conversion kit you can add to your car’s existing gasoline engine. 




Santiago Valenzuela

French hornist and College of the Arts junior Santiago Valenzuela wants to show you how classical music can be just as accessible as the songs on your favorite Spotify playlist. Born to immigrant parents and growing up gay in an evangelical household, he had his dreams dashed and questioned time and time again. But the power of music always revived and uplifted him, and he wants to bring classical music’s power to the masses.



Laura Nissen

Laura Nissen, professor in the School of Social Work, sees the future coming at us fast but also worries how little we all seem to be ready for it. As a foresight practitioner with the Institute for the Future, she believes every discipline should be looking ahead and imagining what its future might look like, even in times and places where things feel hopeless.





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