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Let Knowledge Serve Others

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Four siblings, one mission

Siblings Demetrio, Leroy, Lorena and Ricardo Sanchez were raised by parents who were always helping their many family members and extended friends: filling out immigration paperwork, helping with housing applications, applying for social security, taking them to doctor’s appointments and more. The spirit of caring rubbed off on the children.

“My Brother, Demetrio, explained to all of us siblings that there was a way to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and we all jumped on board,” said Leroy.

All four of them earned their master’s degrees in Social Work at Portland State and went on to professions in medicine and education where they could make a difference in other people’s lives.

“Our parents were and continue to be our examples,” says Lorena. “Their mission became ours, and that is to pay it forward, to instill hope in others and to walk alongside them when they need it the most.

At Portland State University, we believe knowledge works best when it serves the community.