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Let knowledge serve artistry

Painting a brighter world

Rather than complain about Oregon’s gray winter climate, Gretchen Schauffler set out to redecorate it. She started Devine Color, a line of vibrant interior paints designed as a brighter counterbalance to the drab shades of Northwest winters.

It was an immediate hit with the public, and is now sold nationally through Target and other paint stores. It also helped transform the paint industry, which has shifted to deeper, brighter colors along with traditional offerings.

Schauffler went on to develop other Devine products, such as vinyl flooring and wallpaper, which met with similar success. That led to a bath design and remodeling company. All her work reflects her passionate belief that color can enhance moods and is integral to quality of life.

Her latest project: Creating colorfully pleasing environments in facilities for aging adults.

“Color wealth contributes to a feeling of well-being,” she says. “ And one's life should be filled with color.”

As part of Schauffler’s effort to improve lives for seniors, she is joining in the fight to end Alzheimer’s disease through Devine Color’s support of the Alzheimer’s Association® and as a member of the Oregon Alzheimer’s Association® Leadership Board.

Schauffler, a restless, creative soul, tried colleges in New York and Oregon before she found her niche in Portland State’s graphic design program, where she earned her BA in 1985.

At Portland State University, we believe knowledge works best when it serves the community.