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Four Years Free draws students to PSU

PSU’s new program, announced a year ago for incoming 2017 freshmen, makes it possible for qualifying Oregon high school graduates to attend the university tuition free.


Bringing a Native perspective to Congress

Rudy Soto ’11 threw himself into one leadership role after another at Portland State, culminating in becoming the University’s first Native American student body president. He has brought those skills and passion to our capital as a congressional aide.


What's in a name?

Does it matter if a married woman keeps her own surname? Does having a daughter change a man’s perceptions of gender equality? How do long hours at work affect families? Sociologist Emily Fitzgibbons Shafer explores questions about gender and families.


Spreading the word: Red Means Help

FIR Northwest, a non-profit ad agency run by PSU students, is working with the Portland Police Bureau to help victims of human trafficking. A new ad campaign, “Red Means Help,” informs victims that they can silently request assistance by flashing anything red at a police officer.


After Saving Her Family She Wants to Help Save Lives

Keeley McConnell, a high school dropout, became a single mom of three when she fled from her children’s abusive father. Now she’s in PSU’s EXITO program, working toward a career as a physician’s assistant.


First in His Family

The oldest of six brothers, freshman Uber Hernandez is the first in his family to go to college. He is working hard to pay his own way and succeed in Portland State's business marketing program, but the example he is setting for other Latinos is never far from his thoughts.