Let knowledge serve renewable energy In a lab at Portland State University, graduate student Andrew Glick sets up 40 tiny models of solar panels in a 16-foot-long wind tunnel to simulate...
At Portland State, we believe knowledge works best when it serves the community. Our faculty, students and graduates conduct experiments for NASA, make discoveries for Intel, establish careers at Nike and start their own companies. See for yourself.

Improving opioid care

PSU alumna Kelsey Priest hopes to improve medical care for opioid use disorder by helping more patients access life-saving treatment.

Finding a one-pill malaria cure

Jane Xu Kelly, a PSU alumna and chemistry research professor, hopes to help eradicate malaria worldwide by developing a one-dose cure for the disease.

Every tree has a story

PSU professors Catherine McNeur and Vivek Shandas created an online map of all the trees in Portland and invited the community to tell stories about them. They hope the project will add value to the trees and perhaps help preserve them.

PSU grads are job ready and in demand

The 6,300 graduates in Portland State University's class of 2018 are ready for today's jobs and tomorrow's innovations.