How do I add/update an entry in the online directory of Portland State faculty, staff, and organizations?

Changing/New Entries - Individuals

To change your directory information or to enter a new listing:

  1. Log in to https://oam.pdx.edu.
  2. Select 'Update Directory Info.'
  3. Update the relevant fields.
  4. Select Continue.
  5. Validate your change by visiting the Directory page (https://www.pdx.edu/directory/) and searching for your entry.

Changing/New Entries - Departments/Groups

To change directory information for departments/groups or to create a new listing:

  1. Submit the Department Directory Listing Update Form.

Deleting Entries

You cannot delete an entire entry using the webpage. Departments should email the full name and email address of any faculty or staff members (or departments and offices) who are no longer with Portland State to OIT USS at help@pdx.edu.

Requesting Changes to the List of Official Portland State Departments

Portland State's online directory uses an list of official Portland State departments so faculty/staff can all be listed in the same, proper department. If you see a necessary change to the official list, please contact the Portland State webmaster.

Frequently Asked Questions

My information is the same as last year. Do I really need to go onto the web to verify it?

Please take a moment to check your listing to make sure that the information that appears in the online directory is correct.

I entered all my information and hit submit, but the information on the website still hasn't changed.

To ensure the accuracy of entries, all submissions are reviewed. Because of the volume of entries, it may be several days before you receive an email confirming your changes. If the information in this email is correct, you don't need to do anything; your update will appear online.

Can someone change my listing without my knowledge?

If someone else requests an update for your listing you will still receive an email showing the changes that were made. If this email is undeliverable, OIT will be alerted to check the information and the email address on the original update. Please contact the Helpdesk if you think that someone is tampering with your listing.

Other questions?

For questions about the online directory system, contact the Helpdesk and they will attempt to correct the problem. For questions about the printed version of the directory, contact the Office of University Communications.