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Author: Students United for Nonviolence
Posted: April 18, 2013

Students United for Nonviolence (SUN)
Welcomes you to join us for an evening of healing wounded hearts with
Theoneste Bizimana
Healing and Rebuilding Our Community
April 18
7-9 p.m.
Smith Memorial Student Union Room 329

Want to be a global peacemaker? Do you want to participate in healing wounded hearts? You can, by being a witness to healing. 2014 will be 20 years since the Rwanda genocide. The people of the African Great lakes area are still suffering from the effects of this traumatic event. You can help. How? Don’t forget them. There is a way for you actively participate in global healing by being a witness to their stories. The power of compassionate listening does make a difference. Please join us for an evening of healing wounded hearts. Give them your gift of time and listening.

Theoneste Bizimana will discuss his experiences as a team leader conducting reconciliation workshops in Rwanda and around the world. The workshops help people who have experienced trauma reconnect with themselves and rebuild their communities. Mr. Bizimana is co-author of After the Guns Have Stopped: Searching for Reconciliation in Burundi.

Mr. Bizimana will share his experience as a facilitator of a trauma healing program Healing and Rebuilding Our Community. This program invites ten people from one side of the conflict with 10 people from the other side and has a three day workshop to restore normal relationships between the two sides. In Rwanda, this means Tutsi survivors of the genocide and the families of the Hutu perpetrators of the genocide.

SUN events are always free and open to the public.

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