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PIC Work in Progress Details

Space Rental across Campus - PIC is in the process of compiling a contact list for all spaces across campus to that groups know who to contact about a variety of spaces. Alcohol Policy - University Policy Committee has been reviewing and revising. The revised policy is currently at the public review stage.

Monthly Leave Rosters - PIC has been working with HR and Payroll to determine if we can get away from the paper leave rosters and go to an electronic submission of leave for unclassified employees. Payroll is currently working with small workgroups to run some testing to see what the impacts might be.


Banner Workflow/Approval Processes - There's been a lot of work around various aspects of Banner workflow and the approval processes. Some of the changes in the future should simplify maintenance on the approval queues, allow for electronic invoicing and approval, and make the approval and renewal of sponsored account registration more efficient and seamless.

Procurement Cards - Looking at expansion of PCard program so that in the future, they will be issued to individuals, instead of only have one or two per department. Allowing PCards to be used for more travel expenses is also being expolored.

Hosting - Many questions arise around hosting. To help clarify some of those issues, there have been a few hosting specific PCards distributed throughout campus as a test group. Once issues have been resolved, if it is prudent, hosting specific cards could be distributed campus wide.

Employee Comfort and Ergonomics in the Office - Many departments are moving towards a more open office environment with fewer private offices and lower walls, and installing standing desks that can be used by employees on a temporary basis. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is being consulted more and more on employee ergonomic issues. Student Worker Time Clocks - several departments expressed an interest in a common system for student worker time clock. None of the systems identified and currently in use will interface with Banner. PIC could act as a resource for departments looking to implement a time clock system by providing contact information on departments currently using time clocks.
Reports - with the expansion of COGNOS, more reports are now readily available without having to make special requests, and more and different reports are being added on a regular basis. Fundraising, Development for groups - A small group was convened to create guidelines and resources that could be shared with students and staff alike. That group is still working.

Employee Engagement - An employee satisfaction survey is being developed to cover a wide range of topics. HR is trying to develop consistent standards for things like exit interviews. There has also been discussion about how to make volunteer opportunities at PSU more apparent and available for employees. Those opportunities will have to take into consideration FLSA restrictions, however.