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Work in Progress

Below is a list of items that have been suggested by PIC Committee Members and others across campus. If you would like to see the current status on these items, just click on the PIC Work in Progress Details to the left. You'll find more details and updates there. 

More information will be added as we continue work on these items.

Space Rental on Campus: Who to contact besides Conference & Events

Events on Campus: Who coordinates events on campus, how is waste disposal coordinated?

Web Time Approval: How to encourage proxies, so approval queues don't break when someone leaves PSU?

Invoice Processing: Currently a paper system. How can it become more efficient?

Sponsored Accounts: Annual renewal required. Can it be simpler?

Procurement Cards - hosting & travel: Hosting guidelines and can't use for any travel expense

Business Service Centers: Other universities have them throughout campus. Would it be more efficient?

PSU Attendance Policy: Is there a university-wide attendance policy for classified staff?

Yearly Department Census: Is there an easy report to get through HR that gives the department census?

Volunteering for PSU at PSU: How can we communicate volunteer opportunities for PSU employees?

Organizational Membership List: A central list where all organizational memberships are listed so we don't have more memberships than are necessary.

Universal Contracts Database: Can all contracts be together in a database that easy for all to search?

Low value construction contracts: How can we get away from doing formal contracts for small projects?

Alcohol approval policy: Guidelines not clear

Updating Approval Queue: How can we keep track of everything that needs to be updated when new people are hired, or jobs change?

Fundraising, development, games of chance: No single source on information for the process of fundraising, sponsorships, raffles, etc.

E-approvals: Mortgages can be closed on e-approval. Why not things here at PSU?

Procurement Cards: How can we use them when custodian is out of the office.

iContracts - Contract Management: Universal Contracts Manager is a cloud based solution that allow us to manage the contracting process from request to archive.

Monthly Leave Rosters - Unclassified: Currently a paper process. Why can't it be done online?

Time Clock for Student Workers: Can there be just one system? Can it automatically feed into Banner/Payroll?

Employee Morale: What can be done to improve morale during stressful times at the university? What are best practices?

Creative Workspaces: How do we make workspaces that are better for employees?

Lease Management Centralization: How can leases and payments be centralized so that it's more of an automatic function, instead of a manual one?

Insurance requirements too high for small projects: Can there be a threshold set for contracts so that smaller contracts can have a smaller insurance requirement?

EMS Solutions - eProcurement: eProcurement Solutions is an online ordering application that automates procurement activities for certain goods. PSU will host "static" catalogs for select catalogs for select vendors and purchases are made with the pcard.