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Meet Heather Randol
Meet Heather Randol

Heather Randol is the Director of Facilities and Property Management at PSU.  Facilities and Property Management supports student success by maintaining and continually improving PSU’s campus, covering 50 acres and 5 million square feet of office, housing, classroom, conferencing and retail spaces.  The department coordinates closely with multiple campus partners to ensure that PSU grounds, buildings and mechanical systems are well maintained, aesthetically pleasing, clean, functional and safe for employees, students and guests.  Heather is proud to serve PSU alongside the talented Facilities and Property Management employees who use their specialized knowledge and skills to keep the campus operating smoothly.

Heather has worked at Portland State University since 2010, previously as the Director of Environmental Health and Safety. Her prior work experience includes positions in local government and private industry and at the University of California, Berkeley.   She enjoys attending musical performances with her two sons, who play the French horn and bassoon.

Heather has an MA in Political Science and Environmental Policy from Western Washington University, a BS in Biology and Environmental Studies from Tufts University, and a graduate certificate in Nonprofit and Public Management from Portland State University.

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