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Processes Improved

Year end Summary

Fy 12-13 annual report  

Improved Processes

Over the "cap" wage form for student employees-posted on HR website Process Improvement Webpage-located at

PSU website directory-quick drop menu

NTS E&G Billing eliminated
Hosting rates-financial Services website Banner FIS Approval Queue Report-Cognos report is available
Travel process-New Travel Module paperless process Campus Wide credit card solution-using eMarket for conferences
AAA Travel for Students and late travel reimbursements-strict guidelines and AAA awards now limited to items that can be used by pcard and central billing Departmental Deposits made at Cashiers office-alternative is Cashnet
Lending Library - an inventory created of unusual of items campus wide to be shared between departments. Document Imaging-since the initial implementation of OnBase document imaging in December, 2012, the solution has grown substantially. Currently, 5 departments, 300 active users, and 30 OnBase forms are being used across campus.
 Personal Memberships-Policy updated see  Foundation Departmental Indexes-depts will have their own index for tracking purposes
Onboarding Process- Welcome packet see Trained more people on the Lenel Management system
Budget Process for University-Electronic process through TM1/Part 2 the budget process was automated and rolled out for the FY 15 budget process Training and Professional Development Website
Financial Reporting-Cognos.

Key Request process-Key module for AIM System

The Personal Services Invoice (PSI) - This form was created to replace the Personal/Professional Services Contracts (short form). The PSI is for services costing less than $5,000. This is processed by the department.

 Personal Services Contract (long Form) has been revised at the request of departments and with clear instructions.

Cell Phone/Internet Reimbursement-Policy updated see

Developing reports through Cognos to eliminate Shadow Systems

Alcohol waiver for events - paper to electronic process

Expedite contract process and created templates- Contracting and Procurment Services

Catering - Aramark is the caterer to be used in SMU, University Place, Ondine, and Meetro. A food waiver process is in place for those venues, but must be completed and submitted in a timely manner for approval. Events in other building on campus may use other caterers without requesting a food waiver. Here is the link to the food waiver form:

Moving Reimbursement - There has been quite a bit of confusion around moving reimbursements in the past. HR is now working with hiring departments to make certain that moving reimbursement (if applicable) is addressed and spelled out in the employee's letter of offer. Withholding on the taxable portion of moving reimbursement can now be split out over a three month time period, as long as that time period does not cross a calendar year.