Why is it important to contact the Office of Human Resources if you or one of your staff members needs time off to care for a new child, a serious health condition involving the staff member, the staff members child, spouse or other covered family member,

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) are intended to strengthen an employee's right to take leave for qualifying reasons without jeopardizing their job and in some cases their health care benefits. Although employees may have sick and/or vacation accruals available to use for extended illness, the University is required to provide the added job protection as well as FMLA benefits protections for qualifying employees eligible for FLMA/OFLA leave.

Because managers are the first to know about an employee absence due to illness or to care for a qualifying family member's illness that results in an employee missing more than three consecutive days of time off, the office of Human Resources relies on the manager to notify an employee of FMLA/OFLA benefits. Employees may not be disciplined for time missed due to an approved FMLA or OFLA leave.