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All-University Faculty Committees

An important role for faculty in shared governance is participation in university faculty committees. All-university faculty committees are established either by the PSU Faculty Constitution or by administrative action.

Members are recruited to committees primarily based on the interest in service that individual faculty report each spring in the Faculty Committees Preference Survey.

The Committee on Committees, whose members are elected by divisional caucuses of the Faculty Senate, appoints members of standing and ad-hoc constitutional committees (with the exception of the Advisory Council, whose members are elected by the Faculty as a whole).  The Committee on Committees also recommends membership of some administrative committees. Membership of other administrative committees is determined by their respective administrative liaisons. (See Article IV, Section 4.1 of the PSU Faculty Constitution.)

For brief descriptions of the committees' functions and workload in table form, see the  committees overview.

For more detailed descriptions, membership rosters, and committee reports and other documents, follow the alphabetically arranged links to the left, or follow the category links below:

Constitutional standing committees are those established under provisions of the Faculty Constitution.

Administrative committees are those established by the President and charged by him or her with a specific assignment.

Ad hoc committees and task forces are established occasionally by the Faculty Senate with a specific charge and for a defined period of time.



A listing of all-university faculty committees, as well as the annual calendar of committee reports to Faculty Senate, is published in the annual Faculty Governance Guide.

Communication to PSU Faculty Committees will comply with the PSU Email Communication Policy.