M.A. TESOL graduate and English Language Fellow Rosa David was a plenary speaker at the ETC 2017 Educate for Life in May
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Posted: June 12, 2017

English Language Fellow, Rosa David and Cultural Affairs Specialist, Brenda Bernaldez participated in a three-day conference, entitled ETC 2017 Educate for Life in Durango, Mexico. Rosa and Brenda were plenary speakers and also participated on a expert panel that focused on inclusion in the foreign language classroom.

Their plenary explored how students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, Specific Language Impairment, and ADHD learn a language and what issues they have in the English language classroom. The presentation also offered concrete advice on how to create a learning environment to support all students, including teaching strategies and ways to incorporate technology as a supportive tool. Teachers are often ill equipped to support students with learning differences, making it imperative that educators learn more about this subject:

The English Language Fellow Program sends experienced U.S. TESOL professionals on paid teaching assignments at universities and other academic institutions around the world.

As a U.S. Department of State public diplomacy initiative, Fellows are cultural ambassadors that promote English language learning and mutual understanding through cultural exchange. Fellow projects are 10-month, full-time positions for professionals with a graduate degree in English language teaching and two years’ classroom TESOL teaching experience. In return, the program provides professionals with a platform to build skills that can greatly enhance their TESOL careers.