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Work Control Center

The Work Control Center routes work requests and serves as the first point of contact for inquiries regarding maintenance and billable services. View our FAQ!

Online Work Order System or call 5-2FIXOnline Work Order System

Urgent Requests: 503-725-2FIX (2349) weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
General Inquiries:

Please note that all housing maintenance requests must be submitted through a different system, which can be accessed Housing Maintenance Portal.

After Hours Assistance contact Campus Public Safety at 503-725-4404.

We currently utilize AiM Integrated Work Management System to manage the high volume of work requests for our campus. Work requests typically consist of maintenance/repairs and service requests including; hot/cold calls, custodial, access control, recycling, garbage, graffiti removal and other related services.

Customer Request Resources:

Other Departments:

To submit a customer request all you need is an Odin user name and password. To continue to track requests, you need to have an AiM account created. This can be done by sending an email to requesting an account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will my department be billed?

There is no charge for routine maintenance or repair activities in academic buildings. However, enhancements, remodeling, and installations do incur a charge and you will be asked to provide an index code.


Can I get a cost estimate first?

Yes. Please indicate in the work request that an estimate is needed.

Up to two hours of estimating time will be provided at no initial cost. After two hours, an index code is required. Once an estimate has been provided, you must decide whether to approve it. If estimate is approved: Estimating time is included in the cost of the project. If estimate is not approved: No charge to customer for estimating time under two hours.


Can I request a key via the work request system?

Desk, file cabinet and padlock keys can be requested through the customer request system and will be paid for by the department requesting the keys. Please include your index. All other keys require a signed key request form which can be found on the Key Requests page.


What if I need to make a change to a work request after it's been submitted?

Please call the Work Control Center at extension 503-725-2FIX (503-725-2349) to report any necessary revisions to a submitted customer request.


I submitted my request, what happens next?

Your request will be reviewed by the Work Control Center and forwarded to the appropriate crew supervisor. You will be contacted if additional information is necessary, or if we are unable to fulfill your request for any reason.


How can I check the status of my request?

You can search for your request and view the current status via the Online Work Order System.