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Letter from Viron Lynch,
Director Of Facilities and Property Management

Welcome to Facilities and Property Management at Portland State University!

Welcome to Facilities and Property Management

Facilities and Property Management (FPM) is pleased to serve all members of the Portland State University (PSU) community. FPM takes a tremendous amount of pride providing an appealing campus environment in a professional and friendly fashion. An environment which contributes to attracting and retaining students, faculty and staff. FPM is charged with the stewardship of the facilities and grounds, the largest asset in PSU’s portfolio. The facilities and grounds at PSU consist of over 5 million square feet of facilities and approximately 50 acres of grounds.

FPM provides services and responds to the needs of the university at all hours and in all situations. We work together as a dedicated team to maintain and improve the aesthetics of the university while continuously improving the dependability and reliability of equipment and infrastructure. These efforts help in creating a comfortable and inviting campus for all students, faculty, staff and visitors at PSU.

FPM is a large organization continually pursuing ways to improve the timeliness and quality of services we provide. To achieve this FPM needs your feedback.  FPM will strive to build relationships with our customers to open up communication. We will always appreciate and accept constructive criticism which will help us progress and achieve our goals.


Viron L. Lynch