ETA makes use of a variety of methods and tools to best match the needs of the problem at hand. Also, ETA research and applications are published in a variety

ETA is a part of several larger communities.  This includes PICMET, INFORMS, and other professional societies and conferences.  

We frequently use the quantitative benchmarking method of Data Envelopment Analysis, or DEA for a lot of our work.  There are quite a few useful web resources for this.  I wrote my first web page on DEA back in 1993 and this version was updated in 1996.  It definitely shows its age.  This paper provides a brief introduction of DEA to the technology management community.  There are a variety of books and papers on the subject.   

ETA researchers are currently using a wide range of software tools.  

This is an experimental web page demonstrating the use of R and Shiny for doing DEA with a graphical user interface.

Kevin van Blommestein from our team extended this work greatly to create this graphical user interface for doing Technology Forecasting using Data Envelopment Analysis, TFDEA, from any standard web browser.  Note that this uses alpha release R code and is a work in progress.