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Timothy Fiser
Timothy Fiser

I’m Timothy Fiser. I had a long and enjoyable undergraduate career studying a wide variety of subjects before finally graduating with a BA in Physics and Philosophy from Cornell College. Prior to entering this program, I spent my days as an R&D Engineer doing mechanical, electronic, optical, thermal, systems, and test engineering. It was a great way to expand my practical understanding of Physics and Mathematics as well as play with some really cool toys in the process.

I intend to translate these experiences into the classroom teaching Physics, Engineering, and Mathematics at the high school level. I am very interested in making science education meaningful and accessible to all students. Research for my thesis is a case study on the “Impact of Expert Teacher Feedback on the Development of an Official State Science Rubric”. Partially through this research, the Noyce program is providing me with the opportunity to gain skills and perspectives that will enable me to engage students, provide authentic science experiences, and hopefully encourage and inspire some students to pursue STEM fields in college and beyond.

Favorite quote: “A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions.” -- Jean de la Fontaine