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ARM iNSIGHT: Transaction-Based Anti-Fraud for the Prepaid Debit Industry
ARM iNSIGHT: Transaction-Based Anti-Fraud for the Prepaid Debit Industry

ARM Insight is a Portland State University Business Accelerator company-in-residence. The company, led by CEO and Co-founder Dan Afrasiabi, provides analytical services, and designs various security, anti-fraud, loyalty and marketing programs for card issuers, banks and online marketing companies. For example, ARM Insight provides credit card and debit card issuers with a card-linked offers platform through partnerships with leading payment processors and data networks.

ARM Insight also works directly with web publishers, local content and advertising platforms, search and location-based ad platforms, and offline merchants to create incentive-based marketing for customer loyalty, acquisition and promotions. Their Offers platform allows publishers to eliminate paper from their offers, follow and analyze consumer purchasing over time and help them to build more targeted offers.

Online publishers using ARM services benefit by receiving target offers based on a customer’s prior purchases by enabling seamless linking of debit cards and creating long tail revenues sources by tracking and capturing shares of recurring purchases. ARM Insight’s iFanloyalty Face Book Fan Rewards App, integrates a card-linked rewards program with company fan pages  ( The company’s other offers include CardPower, an innovative take on debit card rewards that's designed for virtually any debit card, regardless of issuing bank (

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