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Ahmed Zuhairy - World Languages and Literatures
Ahmed Zuhairy - World Languages and Literatures

B.A. Political Science and Arabic

M.A. Arab Studies (University of Georgetown)


Language study has helped me to understand my own heritage. It also allowed me to maintain a nuanced perspective of the region's history and economic development, two things I focused on in my graduate program, by utilizing resources in the Arabic language. I like learning something so applicable to everyday life and taking advantage of the great opportunities it affords, both professionally and personally. First, my work requires that I be able to communicate in Arabic and English, so hopefully I will continue to improve in that context. Second, in the coming years my partner will be learning several new languages for her work, and I hope to join her in that endeavor. My favorite and most difficult Arabic course was Dr. Hanoosh's "Arabic Translation in Practice." It pushed me to truly appreciate the importance and difficulties of proper interpretation and translation, as well as linguistic elements of the language itself.