Dr. Annie Lindgren

Contact Information


     Email: arl3@pdx.edu

     Phone: (503) 725-8712

     Office: SRTC 428

     Mailing address:

     Portland State University, Department of Biology

     PO Box 751

     Portland, OR 97207-0751



I joined PSU in 2011 as the cordinator for the Center for Life in Extreme Environments.  When not overseeing the day-to-day activities of the Center, I train and mentors students, coordinate outreach activities, teach several courses in the Biology department and conduct independent research.

My research focuses on systematics and taxonomy of the molluscan class Cephalopoda (squids, octopuses and cuttlefish). I use molecular and morphological approaches to identify new species of deep sea squid, trace biogeographic patterns of distribution and work to identify barriers to dispersal in the open ocean. I also use phylotranscriptomics and bioinformatic tools to continue to improve our understanding of how the major groups of cephalopods are related.  Recently, I have become more involved in understanding how cephalopods will respond to climate change, particularly in areas where oxygen minimum zones are expanding.  Cephalopods are one of the rare groups with members that can live in oxygen-limited/absent waters for a prolonged period of time; understanding the mechanisms behind this process may shed light on how or if other large predators will adjust.



I work extensively with CLEE faculty and the PSU Museum of Natural History to increase informal STEM opportunities for the public via several avenues including: training PSU students in informal STEM education via coursework (BI 410/510: Museum Curation and Outreach), providing local schools access to research and collections through field trips to PSU Biology (elementary through high school), and yearly open house events.  As an OMSI Communication Fellow, I regularly also participate in “Meet a Scientist” events and works to engage school aged children in STEM activities. If you are interested in scheduling tours, having visitors come to speak, or simply want to know more about STEM resources available through CLEE, please don’t hesitate to email me or use the contact form.



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