March 2018: Dr. Anna-Louise Reysenbach is leading a research expedition to Brothers Volcano, an area of high hydrothermal activity in the Pacific Ocean. Follow along with her cruise here:

October 2017: Diana Demchenko (Undergraduate, Stedman lab) was awarded NASA Space Grant Research Fellowship – 2017-2018 (one of 2 in Oregon) and received 2nd Place Biochemistry Section, ACS Poster Session.

November 2017: Ellis Torrence (Undergraduate, Stedman Lab) was First Place Sigma Xi of the Columbia/Willamette Poster Session.

July 2017: Ken Stedman was awarded a $542,000 grant entitled "The Emergence of Chimeric RNA-DNA Viruses: NASA Exobiology Phase 2"

June 2017: Ken Stedman was awarded the Philanthropic Cultivation Award, Portland State University.

July 2016: The Reysenbach Lab has a new paper in Nature.  For more info, click here.

July 2015: Nanoland was premiered at OMSI.  This new exciting and interactive exhibit was created in collaboration with CLEE member Ken Steadman.

March 2015: CLEE graduate student Timea Deakova received National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship for her research on: Moss Volatile Emissions: The role of BVOC in non-flowering plant sexual systems.  She has also received several other prestigous awards in the last few months, congratulations Timea!

Summer 2014:  CLEE students have received several prestigous awards.  Matthew Chmielewski recently receieved a Fullbright Scholarship to conduct research in Chile and Timea Deakova received two separate awards for presentations at major scientific conferences. 

4/2015: The Reysenbach lab is at sea!  Check out their blog to learn more about their research goals and activities in the East Pacific!

4/2015: CLEE graduate student alum Jason Maxfield's recently published an article in the Portland Monthly entitled "Are Portlanders Anti-Science?"

4/2015: The Buckley lab has a new paper in press: Logan, C.A., and Buckley, B.A. (in press). Transcriptional responses to temperature in eurythermal and stenothermal fishes. J. Exp. Biol.

2014: The Buckley lab recently published a new paper: Sleadd, I.M., Lee, M., Hassumani, D.O., Stecyk, T.M.A., Zeitz, O.K., Buckley, B.A.  2014.  Sub-lethal heat stress causes apoptosis in an Antarctic fish that lacks an inducible heat shock response.  Journal of Thermal Biology 44:119-125. 

07/2014:  The Steadman lab recently made a collecting trip to Lassen National Park to obtain new samples of viruses living in hot lakes.  Click here for photos.

06/2014: Matthew Chmielewski, a PhD student in CLEE received a Fullbright Scholarship to study the "Avian Zoochory of the sub-Antarctic bryoflora of Chile."  Click here for more information.

06/2014: Timea Deakova (Rosenstiel lab) received a second place award for Excellence in the Ecology, Environmental Sciences, and Sustainability Section of the general student competition for her poster presentation titled "Epiphytic Moss as a Biomonitor of Nitrogen Deposition in the Pacific Northwest", presented at the 95th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Division of AAAS. 17-20 June, 2014. Riverside, California.

04/2014: Timea Deakova (Rosenstiel lab) was awarded the 10th Annual Columbia Willamette Chapter of Sigma Xi Student Research Symposium First Place Graduate Outstanding Research Award Biological Science on 15th April 2014. Click here for more details.

2013:  Geoff Diemer, a CLEE graduate student, has received the "Computational and high-throughput studies in genomics and systems biology" Award from BioMed Central for his publication entitled "A novel virus genome in an extreme environment suggest recombination between unrelated groups of DNA and RNA viruses."

2012: A new article from the Stedman lab entitled "Differential host-ranges of the Fuselloviridae of hypothermophlic Archaea: implications for evolution in extreme environments" was recently published.

2012: Interested in learning more about viruses?  See a new special by the Stedman lab on a new cool viral discovery. 

2012: Ken Stedman recently participated in a documentary series detailing the interactions between humans and visruses, which can be viewed here.

7/2012: The Eppley and Rosenstiel labs recently published a paper in Nature entitiled "Sex-specific volatile compounds influence microarthropod-mediated fertilization of moss." Click here for a summary article written by the New York Times.

6/2012: CLEE faculty Anna-Louise Reysenbach has received a new NSF grant to further study deep sea microbes.

5/2012: CLEE graduate student Erin Shortlidge was recently awarded a Dissertation Improvement Grant by NSF to continue her research on mosses as well as a Lewis and Clark Field Research Grant from the American Philosophical Society.

5/2012: Members of the Podrabsky lab recently published 2 papers on the annual killifish Austofundulus limnaeuswhich can be found here and here.

4/2012: Geoff Diemer and Ken Stedman recently published a paper entitled "A novel virus genome discovered in an extreme environment suggests recombination between unrelated groups of RNA and DNA viruses."  A summary of the paper can be found here.

3/2012: The Perona lab recently published two papers: "Linking energy production and p rotein synthesis in hydrogenotrophic methanogens." and "Kinetics of tRNA folding monitored by aminoacylation." 

 3/2012: Todd Rosenstiel and Andrea Melynchenko were featured on OPB's Oregon Field Guide.  The story and video can be seen here.

1/2012: Ken Stedman provide the cover photograph for the January 2012 volume of "Cell Stress and Chaperones."

12/2011: Nicole Paterson, an undergraduate researcher in the Stedman lab was just awarded a $5000 NASA Oregon Space Grant Undergraduate Research Scholarship for work on a novel DNA polymerase from an acidic hot lake.

12/2011: Daniel Hassumani, a master's student in the Buckley lab was awarded a Grant-In-Aid of Research from Sigma Xi.

11/2011: A photograph taken by Daniel Hassumani was named one of National Geographics "top shots" for November 2011.  

10/2011: Jennifer Kyle, a postdoctoral fellow in the Stedman lab was interviewed in Astrobiology Magazine.  Clickhere for the article.