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Social Sustainability Colloquium: Gender and Male Migration from Oaxaca, Mexico
Friday, April 6, 2012 - 2:00pm

Gender and Male Migration from Oaxaca, Mexico: Social Sustainability Issues for the Women of San Juan Guelavia

How would you build community if the men were all gone?

Living, working, and researching in Oaxaca for two years, Julie Boyles, a PSU Ph.D. candidate returns to Oaxaca often. Her dissertation on women’s actions and reactions to male migration in San Juan Guelavia culminates this spring.

San Juan Guelavia is a rather typical, traditional Oaxacan pueblo. Confronted with the challenges of male migration that impact every Guelavian home—whether the home includes male migrants or not—Guelavians struggle to develop a community that could be deemed “socially sustainable.” The integration, correlation, and relationship among gender, male migration, and social sustainability will be explored in an informative and interactive forum.

Julie Boyles, recounts her two years of living, working, and researching in Oaxaca, Mexico and a portion of her findings of her multi-disciplinary case study.

Friday, April 6, 2-4pm Location: ASRC 660, (Rec Center Bldg)

REGISTER NOW! Social Sustainability Colloquium, ELP 407/507, crns 65291 (UG), 65290 (G)

The spring class schedule is open and you can now register for the one-credit class that accompanies the Social Sustainability Colloquium.