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Social Sustainability Colloquium
Friday, May 18, 2012 - 2:00pm

Where: ASRC 660, (Rec Center Bldg)

April 13
Elliot Shuford, Healthy Democracy Oregon
Citizen’s Initiative Review Process—Exciting Developments in Oregon, Arizona and Beyond! (working title)

April 27
Jordan Folks—Sociology master’s thesis Assessing Environmental Inequality in Portland: An Exploration of Local Environmental Justice Struggles

May 4
Pat Rumer and Carol Franco, Cuba is Sustainable? Join us to learn more about Cuba's sustainable advances in urban development and energy sources - its accomplishments as well as its challenges.

May 11
Sarah Patterson, Director, Lettuce Grow Garden Foundation

May 18
Anne Brink and Norman Wolfe - How can Portland be a model city for fostering a vibrant, juicy workplace?

June 1
Vivek Shandas—Ecodistrict survey results: Measuring Neighborhood Sustainability: Integrating "top down" and "bottom up" data for creating understanding urban places

June 8
Community Partnership for Health and Equity (CPHE) presenting on NIH grant application—end of year celebration