Safe, Legal, and Unavailable?
Thursday, January 18, 2007 - 3:00pm

Meet Author Melody Rose, Ph.D.

Reading from her new book:


Safe, Legal, and Unavailable?

Question and Answer will follow


Thursday, January 18th, 2006 at 3:00pm

In the Women's Resource Center

1802 SW 10th, lower level

Portland State University 



Safe, Legal and Unavailable? evaluates abortion policy in the United States. Melody Rose examines abortion as a social regulatory policy, thoughtfully and thoroughly chronicling the erosion of abortion rights and availability since Roe. Paying respect to all views of this controversial topic in her engaging new book, Rose explores the success of the right-to-life movement in accumulating local and national policies that restrict access to abortion while enhancing fetal protections. In addition to a basic and brief primer on the practice and history of abortion, Rose considers the roles played by the courts, political parties, and interest groups in constructing barriers to abortion. With an examination of public opinion poll data and a look at both state and national statutory prohibitions on abortion, Rose also shows how powerful language wars have resulted in material policy alterations.


Melody Rose teaches courses in American government and politics at the Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University. She holds degrees from U.C. Santa Cruz (B.A. with honors and Phi Beta Kappa, 1988) and Cornell University (Masters in Public Affairs, 1991; M.A. in Government, 1995; Ph.D. in Government, 1997). She has authored a number of articles and book chapters on social and election policy. Most recently, she is the author of Safe, Legal, and Unavailable? (2006, CQ Press), a book evaluating US abortion policy. Rose is presently writing two additional books. One, entitled She Flies with Her Own Wings, is an analysis of the oral histories of Oregon's first elected political women. The other is an encyclopedia of primary source documents on abortion history.


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