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Reading from New Poets of the American West
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - 7:30pm

Tuesday, November 16, 7:30 p.m., 238 SMU (Browsing Lounge)

New Poets of the American West

Join us for a reading from New Poets of the American West, a new anthology featuring over 450 poems, 250 poets, eleven western states, and several languages. Readers include Lisa Steinman, Maxine Scates, Ingrid Wendt, Elizabeth Woody, Carlos Reyes, Barbara Drake, Pat Staton, and Peter Sears.

My Emptiness Rides in the Back Seat, Propped Up

by Peter Sears

Don′t look now but that′s my emptiness smiling at us
from the back seat of the car with the hat on that′s too small.
I give him hats that fit and he chucks them out the window.
Then flops over, face down,
probably laughing his eyeballs out. I prop him up.
Maybe I should get him like a baby chair.
Or tape him to the back seat.
Yesterday he caught me looking at him
in the rearview mirror.
That smile, I can′t take it.
I threw fresh mints back over my shoulder at him
as hard as I could.
I threw the towel at him that I use to wipe the windshield
and almost piled into a Dodge 4X4.
That′s it. I stop the car, take him out, sit him
on a wooden bench in the park, and walk back to the car.
Yeah, just leave him there.
He′s my emptiness, I can do what I want with him.
He′s such a baby. Maybe he should have to go it on his own.

Well, I barely get around the block
when I whip the car around and head back for the little whuss.
I mean, how long can he last on his own?
So I am getting out of my car
when I happen to glance at the back seat.
There he is, my emptiness, with one of those dumb hats on,
waving my car keys.