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Monday, October 12, 2009 - 2:00pm

Monday, October 12
2:00, NH 407

The novelist and former columnist, and National Book Award winner Pete Dexter will meet with students and faculty in an informal Q & A to talk and answer questions about a writing career, news writing, fiction writing, and related topics. Dexter is the author of Paris Trout. His new novel, Spooner, was published in September.

Here is Dexter in his own words: Pete Dexter began his working life in a U.S post office in New Orleans, Louisiana. He wasn't very good at handling mail and quit, then caught on as a newspaper reporter in Florida, which he was also
not very good at. He got married, and was not very good at that either. In Philadelphia he became a newspaper columnist, which he was pretty good at, and got divorced, which you would have to say he was good at because it cost only three hundred dollars. Dexter remarried, won the National Book Award, and built a house in the
desert so remote that it has no postal service. He's out there six months a year, pecking away at the typewriter, living proof of the adage "What goes around comes around," that is, you quit the post office, and the post office quits you.

Dexter will read at Wordstock on Sunday, October 11, at 3:00 on the Powell's Books Stage at the Oregon Convention Center.

Pete Dexter is presented by PSU's MFA Program and Wordstock.