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Premier of the documentary film "The Local Cultural Project"
Friday, May 4, 2012 - 8:00pm

A new documentary film exploring the relationships between dance, the body and sustainable living.

The Local Culture Project began as a dialogue amongst a small group of women artists inspired to more fully integrate our creative lives into our daily living. As a kind of experimental score, we decided to spend a year together, taking our movement practice out of the studio and into the natural environments from which we eat and live—exploring our ideas around localization from an embodied perspective.

With Emily Stone, Tracy Broyles, Kestrel Gates, Mizu Desierto, Diego Piñón, Delisa Myles, Andrew Millison, Koichi & Hiroko Tamano, Laurence Kominz, Haruko Nishimura, Meghann Rose and many more.

View a preview of the film here, and learn more about the screening of the film here.

This project was partially funded by a grant from the Institute for Sustainable Solutions.