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Planner in Residence Forum A month after the electionwhat does it all mean?
Friday, December 5, 2008 - 12:00am

Room URBN 303
December 5---A month after the electionwhat does it all mean?
Guest speaker will be Russ Dondero, who has been an adjunct professor of
political science at PSU since 2005. Russ received his B.A. in
political science from Whitman, an M.A. in political science from the
University of Minnesota and a PhD. from the U of M. He is Professor
Emeritus in the Department of Politics and Government at Pacific
University where he taught for 31 years. He will discuss the impact on
Oregon and local policies of the presidential and congressional
elections, legislative and local government races, as well as key ballot
measures. The emphasis will be on how all this affects planners and
public officials, why voters made the choices they did and likely

All forums will be webcast live and archived for future viewing. Our
expectation is that each event will stimulate spirited conversation,
focus our expectations on the role of planning in the future and provide
students, faculty and others with new insights.

For more information, please contact Arnold Cogan at: 503-225-0192 or at