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Oregon Astronaut Don Pettit: Science of Opportunity on the Space Shuttle and International Space Station
Tuesday, February 24, 2009 - 1:30pm to Tuesday, February 24, 2009 - 2:30pm

Mechanical and Materials Engineering Seminar

Oregon Astronaut Don Pettit:
Science of Opportunity on the Space Shuttle
and International Space Station

WHEN: February 24, 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
WHERE: 1900 SW 4th Ave. Portland, OR 97201 (corner of SW 4th and Hall)
Room 2500A (second floor)

Don will discuss experiments conducted during his ‘free time’ while orbiting the Earth. The presentation touches various topics from Earth observation to materials processing, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, heat transfer, etc., and the amusing and varied minutia of working and living in space, an example of which can be found here: Another example which was awarded first prize in the APS Gallery of Fluid Motion may be viewed at: Several of Don’s experiments are conducted in connection with related microgravity fluids research conducted at Portland State University.

Personal Data: Born 1955, Silverton, Oregon.

Education: B.S. Chemical Engineering, Oregon State University, 1978
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of Arizona, 1983

Professional Experience: Staff scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico from 1984-1996. Projects included reduced gravity fluid flow and materials processing experiments on board the NASA KC-135 airplane, atmospheric spectroscopy on noctilucent clouds seeded from sounding rockets, fumarole gas sampling from volcanoes, and problems in detonation physics. He was a member of the Synthesis Group, slated with assembling the technology to return to the moon and explore Mars (1990), and the Space Station Freedom Redesign Team (1993).

NASA Experience: Selected as an NASA Astronaut, 1996, Johnson Space Center. A veteran of two spaceflights, Dr. Pettit has logged over 176 days in space and over 13 EVA hours (over 66 million miles!). He lived aboard the Space Station for 5-1/2 months in 2002-2003 and was a member of the recent STS-126 crew in 2008.

Space for the lecture is limited, so please remember to RSVP.
For questions and RSVP contact: Molly Meyer at 503-725-4290 or