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Oil Worlds: People, Places, and Petroleum
Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - 6:00pm

“Oil Worlds: People, Places, and Petroleum”

Tuesday, October 12th, 6pm
Smith Student Union, Room 328

The recent disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has called attention to the tremendous natural and human costs of the world economy’s reliance on petroleum. Both the scope and the scale of the incident reveal the implications of our national relationship with oil, in terms of ecology, economy, health, and the move towards ever riskier and costly methods of extraction. Yet, how well do we understand
the costs of oil dependency?

Not only in our own national borders, but in regions far from our own? How are our own dependencies felt in places across the globe? What dimensions of oil may go undetected or overlooked?

We have invited four scholars who bring an international perspective to how oil touches our lives, and lives very far from our own.
Please join us for a roundtable discussion, a discussion that promises to trace out explicit or implicit global and/or historical networks in which the Gulf oil industry/ecology/culture is embedded, and for a stimulating and engaging public discussion on these vital issues.

Roundtable Participants:
Michele Gamburd on Sri Lanka and the Persian Gulf (Portland State University, Anthropology Department)
Shawn Smallman on Alberta, Canada (Portland State University, Vice Provost for Instruction, Dean of Undergraduate Studies Office of Academic Affairs)
Thomas Love on Latin America (Linfield College, Department of Anthropology)
Sarah Lincoln on West Africa (Portland State University, English Department)