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Measuring the Impact of Measure 37
Wednesday, October 25, 2006 - 5:30pm to Wednesday, October 25, 2006 - 7:00pm

The PSU Masters of Urban and Regional Planning Alumni Association sponsors:

Measuring the Impact of Measure 37
PSU Urban Center 2nd Floor Gallery 506-SW Mill Street
Light refreshments served


Shelia Martin, Director-Institute for Portland Metropolitan Studies and Erik Ruddell, Graduate Research Assistant.

Since the Spring of 2005, the Institute has been documenting the impact if Oregon's Ballot Measure 37 that requires that governments pay owners, or forgo enforcement by repealing, changing or not applying restrictions, when certain land use restrictions reduce owners property value. The claims and decisions ranging from small landowners seeking to build single dwellings on farm land to large landholders seeking to covert a large swath of farm or forest land to residential or commercial development.

Come learn what this database can reveal about how Oregon's jurisdictions and even other states might be affected by the passage of similar takings or property rights legislation.

Chris Dearth, City of Portland's Measure 37 Program Manager

The Portland City Council implemented Measure 37 by passing an Ordinance No. 178924 enacting Chapter 5.75 of the City Code. That chapter outlines procedures by which owners of private real property located in Portland can file M 37 claims. In March 2005, Council expressed its desire to implement the measure "in a reasonable way that recognizes the rights granted to claimants by the measure and the interests of neighbors who may be affected by Measure 37 claims filed against the City . . ." by

  • Providing written notice to neighbor within 400 feet of a M37 claim five days after a claim is deemed complete and 30 days prior to the public hearing on the claim
  • Establishing a committee, representative if community stakeholder groups, to develop and implement methods for informing stakeholders about the measure

Come hear about one jurisdiction's experiences in processing and responding to Measure 37 claims and the impacts that the Measure has had on the land use review process.