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"Living the Dream of Beloved Community" with Roslyn Farrington
Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 2:00pm

Faculty Favorite Lecture Series
with Roslyn Farrington
"Living the Dream of Beloved Community"
Thursday, February 23rd
at the Women's Resource Center
of Portland State University
1802 SW 10th & Montgomery
(Montgomery Hall basement)

In honor of Black History Month, please join us at the Women's Resource Center for the next Faculty Favorite Lecture with Roslyn Farrington from the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies program at Portland State University. Roslyn's lecture is titled "Living the Dream of Beloved Community".

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream of a "beloved community", a community where all genders, races and ethnic backgrounds need not be represented in order to have their views and opinions considered - a truly integrated community. Dr. King said, “Our goal is to create beloved community and this will require a quantitative change in our lives as well as a qualitative change in our souls.”

Feminist author Bell Hooks embraced King’s idea of the beloved community, although she felt that it was flawed because in King’s vision, no one would see color (Killing, 263), that color would somehow be erased and racial differences forgotten. Hooks also stated that we all need to look at ourselves and see the ways in which we perpetuate the dominance of one culture over another; we need to examine how we relate to other people and determine where our attitudes come from instead of blindly accepting our belief system.

This Faculty Favorite lecture takes the dream Dr. King popularized and Bell Hooks gave us through the feminist lens and provides steps we can take in our daily lives to truly create and live in the beloved community here and now. For more information about this event, visit, call the WRC at 503-725-5672, or contact Kari Anne McDonald, WRC Events Coordinator at