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How Japanese Corn Soup Transformed an Oregon Food Processor
Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 6:00pm
The Center for Japanese Studies
Oregon Success Stories in Doing Business with Japan Lecture Series presents

Mr. Mark Frandsen, Grove Properties

How Japanese Corn Soup  Transformed an Oregon Food Processor 

Thursday 13 February 2014
6 p.m.
238 Smith Memorial Student Union
1825 SW Broadway
Free and Open to the public

Former owner and CEO of New Season Foods, Inc, Mark Frandsen, tells his story of how a fifty year old Oregon frozen berry processor was transformed into an innovative and collaborative producer of soup ingredients for export to Japan. Mr. Frandsen relates how he learned to do business in Japan and how Japanese cultural and business practices were integrated into the company during his sixteen years as CEO. He will share how the company’s relationship with the Japanese food industry leader, Ajinomoto, began in 1985 and how it ultimately led to the acquisition of New Season Foods by Ajinomoto in 2007. This case study informs us about how one entrepreneurial businessman adapted to opportunities presented by globalization, how he became educated to do business with individuals from another culture, and about the strong and growing international presence in the food processing sector here in Oregon, especially by Ajinomoto, which operates in 26 countries and regions.

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