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How Far can Jews Wander: The Ironies of Modern Jewish Identity
Monday, May 9, 2005 - 12:00pm

Presented by Susan Glenn, University of Washington.

Where do Jews fit in America's ethnic and racial landscape? In our contemporary age of identity choice it is commonly assumed that individuals of Jewish ancestry are free to decide how and to what extent they wish to identify as Jews. In reality, the situation has been far more complicated. Jews can wander, but whether they can ever leave the Jewish fold is still not an easy question to answer. As Susan Glenn suggests, it is one of the ironies of modern Jewish history that concepts of Jewish tribalism based on blood and race have persisted not only in spite of, but also because of the experience of assimilation. Glenn wrote the prizewinning Daughters of the Shtetl and Female Spectacle: The Theatrical Roots of Modern Feminism.

This event will take place at the Smith Memorial Student Union (1825 S.W. Broadway), Browsing Lounge, Room 238. Free to PSU students and faculty. General admission $15 at the door.