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"Going Along or Going Alone: Japan and World War II"
Thursday, November 3, 2005 - 5:00pm

Portland State University's Center for Japanese Studies invite you to a Free LECTURE

"Going Along or Going Alone: Japan and World War II"

Dr. Richard Smethurst, Professor of History at University of Pittsburgh

The Western imperialist impact on Japan in the mid-nineteenth century set in motion the rise of Japanese nationalism, but one cannot say that Pearl Harbor was the "inevitable, delayed rejoinder" to Perry's visit in 1853far from it.

In fact, there were two basic approaches that Japan took in its relations with the British and Americansthe autarkic and cooperative approaches. This presentation elucidates the conflict between proponents of these two very different foreign policies. Unfortunately for Japan and its Asian neighbors, those who wanted Japan to follow an autonomous, independent approach in dealing with the world won out over those who believed Japan should ensconce itself in the safety of the Anglo-American order, and led Japan into a disastrous war.

When: Thursday, November 3rd 2005, at 5pm

Where: Room 338 Smith Union

Free and Open to the public

For more information visit or call 503-725-8577

With the support of Azumano Travel and the Japan-America Society of Oregon