Film: Together
Sunday, August 5, 2007 - 3:00pm
In the unforgettable world of writer/director Lukas Moodysson's Together (Tillsamanns), a group of young people all living under the same roof find themselves questioning their long-held social and political beliefs as the world rapidly changes around them. "Did we throw out the good with the bad?," "have we been too tolerant?," and "have we not been tolerant enough?" are just some of the many things these revisionists ponder as they make their way through the exciting and bewildering early 1970s.

What: Together (2000) Lukas Moodysson
35mm Film
When: August 3 - 4 @ 7 and 9:30pm, August 5 @ 3pm
Where: 5th Ave Cinema, 510 SW Hall St. @ PSU
Admission: Free for PSU Students, Faculty and Staff with ID; $2 for Other Students, Seniors and Children; $3 General Admission

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